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For a moment,

turn your attention to your breath. 

And, notice the compassion you feel within your heart.  

Picture this compassion as a warm, glowing ball of light.  

Using your breath, slowly start expanding this ball of light outward

filling your chest with warm light.

Keep expanding this light until it surrounds your entire body.

Now at your own pace, expand the ball of light even further

outward, until it surrounds your home,

your neighborhood, and everyone within it.


Slowly expand this loving ball of light

until it surrounds our entire planet.

We have all been through a lot lately.

Stress tends to divide us.

The time has come to choose compassion,

to heal, and to forgive. 

Wear this shirt as your reminder

that you can return to this vision any time you want,

often when it is hardest to do so. 

Close your eyes,

take a deep breath and know


Bill shirt WAAO.jpg
we are all one 3.png
Stephanie shirt WAAO.PNG

Stephanie and Bill created this design, made the silkscreen, and personally print each shirt to order. From our hearts to yours.

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