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Kanvas & Kava 

Event Date 10/11/23

Please arrive by 6pm

Location Kava Garden, Sunset Harbour 

1201 20th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Come as you are. Bring a friend or make friends at the event. Kava Garden is a magical place where you will meet like-minded people, forge meaningful relationships, and feel free to express yourself in a fun-loving, supportive environment. This event is perfect for everyone, regardless of painting experience. You will be guided gently throughout the process by an experienced instructor. No artistic ability is required. Let's just play!

Call Bill if you need more information: 786-999-5952

"OK, I'm in!"

Purchase now for $40 per guest  (Full price is $50 at time of event.)

Tickets include: Premium Drink ($15 value), guided painting instructions, and all art supplies (16" x 12" canvas, acrylic paints, brush set, etc.).

You will receive confirmation via text message within 1 business day of registration. We will also remind you one day prior to event.


Thank you!  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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